I've been working as a software architect at Zenexity since 2008, in Paris, France, where I live. I studied at Université Paris Dauphine where I got a master degree in computer science.

I am fond of Web technologies, both client and server side. I am a Scala fan (and more generally, of the functional paradigm). My aim is to build well designed, reactive applications, by writing expressive and robust code.

I work on some projects on my own, like ReactiveMongo (a non-blocking Scala driver for MongoDB), BytecodeParser (a Java library to make bytecode parsing and manipulation easier), or Betterlogs (a Play plugin to produce richer logs). I am also contributing actively to some open source projects, like Play! Framework.

I co-organize the MongoDB Paris User Group. If you like MongoDB, or are curious about it, I'd be glad to see you at the next meetup!